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Travel Trials

I enjoy travel, really I do. That is to say, I enjoy being in interesting new places, seeing new things, and meeting people of new cultures. It's the getting there I'm less keen on.

Our flight to Helsinki was the expected interminable sardine experience, with a brief episode of liberty in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, some people whose luggage was checked through failed to check in to the next flight, so our take-off was delayed almost an hour. Naturally, that was an added hour of sardine time, not liberty time. Overall, we left Seattle at about 1:30pm on Sunday and arrived here in Helsinki at about 1:30pm on Monday, essentially losing a full calendar day in fishy fermentation.

But I'm not bitter.

I did make one interesting observation during the trip, though. The bathrooms on our flight to Amsterdam had a feature I've never encountered before, and now I have to wonder why not. There was a tall, thin, cylindrical compartment alongside the door, with a tall, thin, spring-loaded door at the top, labelled with a picture of a hypodermic needle. It's clearly intended to allow diabetics a place to safely dispose of their insulin injectors, which is so obviously a great idea.

Now I'm curious, though: how do diabetics (and other regular hypo users) usually dispose of their used equipment when such a handy option isn't available? Or maybe that's something I don't actually want to know...


But I thought Helsinki was all about fish, so maybe the sardine thing was just a way to get you in the mood.

Please send the Jamester a postcard from Finland -- he has quite an international collection going!


That's interesting about the sharps containers in the airplane bathroom. Sounds like a good idea. Sharps containers would be a hard sell in the US, I think, because of anti-drug paranoia.

When I was still using needles, If I didn't have access to a sharps container I would just cap them and put them back in the zipper bag I use to carry my diabetes stuff. Theoretically you're not supposed to recap a needle after you use it, but that's for infection control, and since I was the only one using the needles, it didn't matter. Now that I have an insulin pump, the issue doesn't even come up.