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Kitchen remodeling pictures

Melissa adds a comment to my blog, demanding pictures of our kitchen remodel, and I must obey!

I've just finished adding titles and descriptions to a little slideshow of pictures on my Flickr site, showing highlights of the the remodeling process we've undergone over the past four months. There's still a lengthy punch list of issues to be worked through, and the master bathroom is still waiting for its limestone countertops and shower surround before it can be finished off, but we've certainly come a long way since last September and it's a good time to look back on it all.


I now request new photos of the cats! Bwa ha ha! ;-)

Wow. You did a lot more than just the kitchen! How did you do the planning for all this -- an architect, or by yourselves? (I have partly professional and partly personal interest in asking.)

At first glance, the old kitchen looks pretty nice, but your issues sound pretty convincing. OTOH, what did all this cost?! (No, you don't have to answer...)

What did you do with yourselves and the cats when you moved out? Especially the cats?