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Mount Tee Rises Again!

Mount Tee

It was only late last April that I previously laundered all of my actively worn T-shirts, but like clockwork, every nine months or so, the necessity comes back around on the guitar. So it was that, for the past week, I've been running over a dozen loads through the machines and, more tediously, folding, folding, folding. I'm pretty pleased, though: after starting the laundry loads Sunday night, I managed to finish up all of the folding on Friday night, while watching the DVDs of Brideshead Revisited that we checked out of the local library. Nothing like a long, slow-moving English drama to move the process along nicely.

Mount Tee

The count this time was 259, roughly evenly split between the whites/greys/neutrals (122) and the other colors, including black (137). Well, that was the count before Kathleen made me sit down and go through all of the piles to make sure that they were all shirts I still enjoyed wearing. She was right, as usual: we ended up finding 13 shirts (about 5%) that were either ugly, boring, inexplicable, or some combination of the three. (Why, for example, did I have a "train with the insane" shirt from 24-hour Nautilus, even though I've never been there?)

So, really, I now have "only" 246 shirts in active rotation, so I guess I'll be right back where I started last Sunday, loading shirts into the washing machine, in only about eight months from today. Sigh. Just in time for Halloween, I guess...


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Bloomington! I grew up there, great place!

So we were just talking about this, um, habit of yours the other day, and the question arose whether you have a particular order in which you wear the shirts. I told the assemblage I'd have to get back to them on that. So?

No, no consistent order at all. After all of the folding, I try to mix up the colors and interleave white and non-white shirts in the piles that I move into the bureau drawers, so that I don't end up with big clumps of one colors together. Then, most mornings, I open the highest non-empty drawer and simply pick out whatever's on top. (The exceptions come when I need a particular shirt for a special occasion or if I'm packing for a vacation, when Kathleen likes to "help" me choose which ones to take along.)