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Multi-Touch Interaction Video

Imagine a drafting-table-sized computer monitor that is touch-sensitive and allows more than one finger to be used at a time (kind of like having more than one mouse, but easy to use because they're your fingers). Imagine all of the cool, intuitive user-interaction styles you could support.

Now stop imagining it and see the future now. This video, copied from the Multi-Touch Interaction Research website at NYU (which is currently being hammered with traffic, making it hard to get the video from there directly) shows a wide variety of very slick demos using such an interaction surface. I think my favorite is the virtual Lava Lamp that lets you play around with the floating lava blobs...

(Thanks to the AppleGeeks blog for pointing this out.)


There's a very cool tech display at the Metreon, in the movie theater lobby, I think. Basically, it's something like this that you walk on. So one of the modes is a kickball game, another one looks like you're walking on water, etc. It seems to be okay with multiple people on it.

But are you cool enough to know to watch Bob the Builder? That's the real question!